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About Us

Welcome to Live Long & Lift Online Fitness Coaching!

We are a team of highly dedicated and experienced fitness coaches with expertise in multiple areas, including personal training, strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, nutrition, and cancer exercise. As Founder of Live Long & Lift, my passion for fitness stems from my own personal journey, where I have witnessed the tremendous physical and mental benefits that come with leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our mission is to empower you to reach your full potential, both physically and mentally, by providing you with knowledge, tools, and motivation needed to achieve your health & wellness goals.

Personalized fitness programs tailored to individual needs and goals.

Our Story

Hello and welcome! I’m Aimee, Founder of Live Long & Lift. My journey into health and fitness began in childhood with competitive swimming. By my teens, I had ventured into the world of triathlons and started exploring weight training, both in high school and later in college. This foundation ignited a deep passion for weightlifting, leading me to begin competitive powerlifting in my 30s. My passion and dedication were rewarded when I achieved recognition with State, National and International Records with United States Powerlifting Association and International Powerlifting League. Through that experience I gained a profound understanding of what our bodies can achieve with the right training, attitude and commitment.


Yet, like any journey, mine had its share of challenges, my personal struggles with bodyweight being the biggest hurdle. I've grappled with yo-yo dieting again and again, seeking a quick fix, only to be met with disappointment when the weight returned, often more than before. It took time, introspection, and my fair share of missteps before I realized the importance of balance.


I've since embraced a tempered approach to exercise and eating - one that avoids overly restrictive measures in favor of sustainable habits. These changes, while moderate, have been instrumental in helping me achieve my health objectives, which, among others, include reducing body fat, managing cholesterol and reducing blood glucose levels to avoid becoming prediabetic. This seemingly straight-forward approach of moderation is easier said than done and it’s a testament to the idea that lasting results stem from consistent, balanced choices rather than extreme measures.

Through all this trial and error I’ve come to know one thing for certain – resistance training has been the best tool in my toolbox for maintaining a healthy weight and body composition, building self-confidence and finding an internal strength I’ve come to rely on daily.


Live Long & Lift is more than just a small business; it's a reflection of my own journey, including the many mishaps and insights I've encountered along the way. My hope is that through Live Long & Lift, you'll the find support, knowledge and inspiration you need to embark on your own empowering journey to lasting health & wellness. Together with us, I want you to elevate your health, one lift at a time!

Meet The Team

Our Credentials.

I hold several accredited certifications in personal training, fitness coaching and nutrition, backed by practical experience in the field. Additionally, my specialized education includes a focus on strength & conditioning, corrective exercise and cancer exercise, ensuring that I am well-equipped to provide expert guidance to a diverse clientele with varying goals & objectives.

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